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Halten Sie Ihren echten Briefkasten sauber und sicher! NoTrashMail bietet temporäre, sichere, anonyme, kostenlose, Wegwerf-E-Mail-Adressen und Temp-Mail, die Ihre Privatsphäre schützen. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse kann so oft geändert werden, wie Sie möchten, und Sie erhalten jedes Mal eine neue. Es gibt keinen Spam oder Werbung in diesen Konten. Es ist ein großartiges Werkzeug, um sich vor webbasierten Angriffen zu schützen oder einfach nur Social-Media-Konten zu verwenden, ohne Spuren zu hinterlassen. Holen Sie sich Ihre eigene kostenlose E-Mail Jetzt!

Terms of Service

Following Terms of service refers to NO TRASH MAIL free use website, hereinafter “NO TRASH MAIL”,  based on URL

NO TRASH MAIL are also committed to protecting your privacy. Please read our privacy policy following this link  

By using this service, you agree to the following terms. NO TRASH MAIL makes no warranty of reliability or suitability for any purpose. Its availability or existence may be removed at any time by its owners. Any email sent through NO TRASH MAIL may or may not be available for viewing, may be altered, and is immediately viewable by ANY user of the system. You agree to only access NO TRASH MAIL data through the NO TRASH MAIL website.

You agree to not use NO TRASH MAIL directly or indirectly for any unlawful purpose. You agree that any email you send to NO TRASH MAIL or emails you induce other sites/persons to send will become public domain once in the NO TRASH MAIL system with no expectation of privacy for email content.

You agree not to use the public NO TRASH MAIL system to receive, store or view emails containing private or confidential information. You understand that NO TRASH MAIL has no control over material put into mailboxes. 

You agree to hold NO TRASH MAIL harmless from any damages caused by loss of emails, content within emails, damage to your computer (or innocence) from viewing emails, direct or indirect use of this system.

You agree that you cannot send email using NO TRASH MAIL, only receive.  Moreover, the Free service handles a couple of millions of emails per hour. Therefore, you agree that emails can be stored up to 1-2 hours and the domains may be subject for change. You agree, not to use temporary emails for registering important accounts or receiving sensitive data. The NO TRASH MAIL will have no ability to restore emails or domains once removed. 

With the Free version of NO TRASH MAIL, you can :  

  • Get access to the free domains list;
  • Generate a new email address instantly;   
  • Copy to clipboard or using QR-code; 
  • Change email names;
  • Receive emails and attachments automatically;
  • Get browser notification of new emails;
  • Read incoming emails, including attachments;
  • Download sources (.EML), including attachments; 
  • Quickly delete and/or generate new email addresses;

Future Functionality

You agree that your purchases are not contingent on the delivery of any future functionality or features, or dependent on any oral or written public comments made by NO TRASH MAIL regarding future functionality or features.

Warranty Disclaimers

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This policy is effective as of 4 April 2022

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Tollen Features

NoTrashMail ist eine temporäre E-Mail-Adresse, die nicht Ihre echte E-Mail-Adresse ist. Wir halten diese Wegwerfadressen getrennt von Ihrer wirklichen Adresse, so dass Sie sich keine Sorgen über Spam und Malware machen müssen. Mit NoTrashMail können Sie einfach temporäre E-Mails erstellen, die nur für eine kurze Zeit aktiv sind. Also, wenn Sie online einkaufen, Surfen durch einige Website, oder mit einem Spammy-Service, Sie brauchen sich keine Sorgen über Spam überladen Ihren Posteingang.