5 Best Alternatives Temporary Email to Temp-mail.org in 2022

5 Best Alternatives Temporary Email to Temp-mail.org in 2022
Published in : 28 Apr 2022

5 Best Alternatives Temporary Email to Temp-mail.org in 2022

Being around the internet for long enough there’s a big chance you are familiar with the process of handing over your email address to websites, even ones that don't necessitate using it. You also be familiar with the reason behind it and just how important and potentially dangerous to your privacy it can be.

Fortunately, there are temporary disposable email services that can help us deal with this problem.

The service allows you to create a temporary email address for your private purpose and will be self-destructed after a stipulated time.

Let's take a look at the world of temporary email services. First, let's review the top options. This list contains the best temporary email address providers that you can use to create temporary emails.

These providers are very easy to use and pretty intuitive, meaning you'll be able to generate a temporary address in a few clicks and save yourself  the trouble of spa and sorting through unwanted messages that have nothing to do with you.

My Temp Mail

Temp-mail, is a solid disposable email service that doesn't not ask for any personal information, nor does it require you to register an account and it also doesn't delete your generated email address automatically until you delete it or the domain lists change. The Temp mail inbox functions exactly as any other - except that you won't be able to send any of your own emails, this could be good or bad depending on your needs.

With the growing need to have a quick  access to emails for untrusted sites, My Temp Mail was introduced to the internet as an easy and effective tactic that can quickly create temporary email accounts by simply tapping on the New button.

The service has proven to be very secure as it stores your emails for only 2 hours and then deletes all personal information,including  your IP address, once you have finished using it. 

No Trash Mail

No Trash Mail is an anonymous service to create a temporary email. 

The website features a friendly, intuitive interface that is easy-to-understand, offering a good disposable email in a quick and effective secure way without needing to register.

You can change your email address as many times as you wish, the email address will eventually be discarded, while your primary email address remains hidden, keeping your personal information hidden.


You want a reliable, balanced service that can manage email, distinguish between priority and spam messages, and has enhanced privacy features. This service provides a robust, comprehensive service that lets you manage your email, prioritize and spam, as well as send encrypted messages to anyone.

ProtonMail lets users create additional email addresses and aliases which can all be accessed from the same account.

You can create a variety of different identities to suit different purposes and organize your outgoing and incoming mail.

ProtonMail provides a free service. You can however upgrade to multiple plans starting at 4-8 USD per calendar month.

You can organize all your messages using the interface so your inbox is free from junk messages.

10 Minute Mail 

This site is quick and simple to use. It allows us to create temporary emails that expire in 10 minutes.

This site displays a temporary email address for 10 minutes. If you do not want to waste time, users can reply with their disposable address and reset the 10-minute validity timer.

Don't worry if the site you want to join requires you to click a verification hyperlink. You will receive the mail with the link in your 10 Minute Mail Inbox. This will allow you to complete the task in the given time. It is extremely versatile and can be used by anyone.

All e-mails to this address will be displayed on the website automatically. These emails can be read, clicked on links and replied to. After 10 minutes, the e-mail address will expire.


The secure mail providers allow you to send and receive private or sensitive information without being exposed to hackers or data breaches. Guerrilla Mail, an anti-spam solution, is used to stop spam. It allows you to receive email from disposable addresses.

Guerrilla Mail allows you to get a disposable address without signing up or registration. All future spam will be sent to the disposable address and not your regular address.

You can sign up using one of their temporary addresses. After confirming your subscription, you can send it to the Guerilla Mail Inbox. Your real email address will now be free from spam or worse. This tool is designed for times when you need to move past a wall asking for your email.

Any future spam sent to the disposable email will be zapped by Guerrilla Mail, never reaching your mailbox, keeping your mailbox safe and clean.

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