What is the Best Way to Create a Temporary Email to Avoid Spam?

What is the Best Way to Create a Temporary Email to Avoid Spam?
Opublikowane w : 27 Apr 2022

What is the Best Way to Create a Temporary Email to Avoid Spam?

Almost everywhere you go online, it seems that the internet is asking you to share your email address whether there’s a valid reason for it or not. A good majority of those sites will then start bombarding you weekly or even daily with spam, junk mails, notifications, and generally things you just didn’t ask for and that mean nothing to you.

And once you are on somebody's list fighting spam can be an uphill battle, you might try to unsubscribe but more often than not the option just doesn’t work at all, and this isn't even mentioning the sites that sell your email address to ad agencies, or the one’s that get hacked and leak their information base leaked which just means more spam for you.

Creating a temporary email address is an easy and simple way to get the temporary email address effectively without revealing the actual address. 

But what is a temporary email address? and what can you use it for? Well, luckily it’s a very easy thing. We put together this guide to take a look at how to create a temporary email that is both free and disposable.

What is a temporary email address?

Making a permanent address is as simple as creating a new email account from your favorite email service that allows you to receive an email at a temporary address that you can use once or just temporarily and will be self-destructed after a certain time 

The general idea is for the temporary email address to be created and remain active long enough for you to receive a reply from whoever the address was given. Then you don’t have to use it again.

Always make sure that your temporary email address is not similar to the primary one. It defeats the whole purpose of using a temporary one. Use a randomly generated address instead.

However, these email addresses are not private, this means anyone can log in to the address you create without a password, so for privacy reasons you shouldn’t send anything personal or private through them.

What are the benefits of using a temporary email address?

Disposable email accounts have many benefits over a regular email account, they are a great way to enjoy all the benefits of the internet without the junk that comes with it, the account itself has no connection to you, and only exists to hold off all the spam you don't want to deal with in your actual email address, and this will help in keeping your inbox clean and spam-free.

As the account has no connection to you, your identity stays protected and hidden from websites you don’t fully trust, allowing you to browse the internet without compromising your privacy, and this can ensure that even if websites sell your data, your privacy is not compromised as that email address doesn’t even exist.

Every temporary email is deleted after a certain time, depending on which disposable email service you use. Besides, some temporary email services even offer the option that you can manually delete the address if you don’t need it anymore.

How to create a throwaway email?

Most disposable email services are free to use or offer free and paid versions. You can make your private temporary email address fast, and use it to help protect your online privacy. When you need an email id, simply visit one of the websites of your choice, and an e-mail address will be generated for you, and you can use that address, copy the email address and use it however and wherever you want, but, do not close the website window as every message you receive in said address will be found there under the message section. The address will automatically expire and be deleted depending on the website you're using and that’s it, free, safe, and fast, some of the websites don’t even require any sign-up as that will defeat the purpose.

Here’s a tip: When choosing names make sure you are not using common names, and use more obscure ones.


There are numerous ways to protect your private email account, a temporary email address comes in handy in many situations as it can be a very effective and fast way to avoid spam and keep your inbox organized. Just remember that these disposable accounts aren’t secure, to send private information and should be used for more simple messages like signing up for services with login information or free trials that you don’t intend to keep and most of them may expire shortly after you create them though some services may offer you the option to temporarily recover the address and it’s email, it is best to not use for long term purposes as they most likely will be lost.

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